IU Media Holdings

Preserving the rare and irreplaceable

IU is home to rich collections of audio and video recordings that document subjects of enduring value that showcase the growth of Indiana University, the state of Indiana, and the world. For close to 100 years, IU librarians, archivists, and scholars have carefully selected, acquired, described, and preserved these often-rare recordings. They include treasures such as:

  • Early recordings of incomparable Jacobs School of Music performances
  • Ethnographic audio and video of cultures around the world
  • Wax cylinder sound recordings of Native American music
  • Historic speeches of IU visionaries like Herman B Wells and Hoagy Carmichael

Virtually all of the media recordings digitized by MDPI could be considered old, and some have the dubious distinction of also qualifying as rare or fragile. When these states intersect, life becomes particularly harrowing for the digitization engineer, who may face severe challenges in achieving the best playback possible. For some recordings, any playback at all may be a challenge. For others, obsolescence is the challenge—it is getting very difficult to find playback equipment for some formats.


MDPI was one of the largest undertakings of its kind.

IU was able to overcome the challenges and preserve 20-plus formats that were part of 80-plus collections across the university. The more than 350,000 pieces do more than document texts, oral histories, and performance styles dating back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Many stand as the official record of tradition for cultures long lost to history. It was a collective effort and major achievement.

Media digitized by format

Where digitized materials originated

All IU media-holding units that provided media objects for digitization by MDPI are listed here.

IU media-holding units
Unit Name Campus
B-AAAI African American Arts Institute Bloomington
B-AAAMC Archives of African American Music and Culture Bloomington
B-AFRIST African Studies Program Bloomington
B-ANTH Department of Anthropology Bloomington
B-ARCHIVES Office of University Archives and Records Management Bloomington
B-ASTR Department of Astronomy Bloomington
B-ATHBASKM Department of Intercollegiate Athletics. Men's Basketball Bloomington
B-ATHBASKW Department of Intercollegiate Athletics. Women's Basketball Bloomington
B-ATHFHOCKEY Department of Intercollegiate Athletics. Field Hockey Bloomington
B-ATHFTBL Department of Intercollegiate Athletics. Football Bloomington
B-ATHSOCCM Department of Intercollegiate Athletics. Men's Soccer Bloomington
B-ATHTENNM Department of Intercollegiate Athletics. Men's Tennis Bloomington
B-ATHVIDEO Department of Intercollegiate Athletics. Video Production Bloomington
B-ATHVOLLW Department of Intercollegiate Athletics. Women's Volleyball Bloomington
B-ATM Archives of Traditional Music Bloomington
B-BCC Neal-Marshall Black Culture Center Bloomington
B-BFCA Black Film Center/Archives Bloomington
B-BUSSPEA Business/SPEA Library Bloomington
B-CAC Center on Aging and Community Bloomington
B-CEDIR Indiana Institute on Disability and Community. Center for Disability Information & Referral Bloomington
B-CELCAR Center for Languages of the Central Asian Region Bloomington
B-CELTIE Center for Language Technology and Instructional Enrichment Bloomington
B-CISAB Center for the Integrative Study of Animal Behavior Bloomington
B-CLACS Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies Bloomington
B-CSHM Center for the Study of History and Memory Bloomington
B-EDUC Education Library Bloomington
B-EPPLEY Eppley Institute for Parks and Public Lands Bloomington
B-FACILITY Facility Operations Bloomington
B-FOLKETHNO Department of Folklore and Ethnomusicology Bloomington
B-GBL Glenn A. Black Laboratory of Archaeology Bloomington
B-GLOBAL Center for the Study of Global Change Bloomington
B-IAUNRC Inner Asian & Uralic National Resource Center Bloomington
B-IBHA Indiana Broadcast History Archive Bloomington
B-IUAM Art Museum Bloomington
B-IULMIA Indiana University Libraries Moving Image Archive Bloomington
B-JOURSCHL School of Journalism Bloomington
B-KINSEY Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction Bloomington
B-LACASA Latino Cultural Center Bloomington
B-LAW Law Library Bloomington
B-LCLE Literacy, Culture, and Language Education (SoE) Bloomington
B-LIBERIA Liberian Collections Bloomington
B-LIFESCI Life Sciences Library Bloomington
B-LILLY Lilly Library Bloomington
B-MATHERS William Hammond Mathers Museum Bloomington
B-MUSBANDS Bands Bloomington
B-MUSIC William and Gayle Cook Music Library Bloomington
B-MUSOPERA Opera and Ballet Theater Bloomington
B-MUSREC School of Music Bloomington
B-OID Office of International Development Bloomington
B-OPTOMTRY Optometry Library Bloomington
B-RECSPORTS Recreational Sports Bloomington
B-RTVS Radio and Television Services Bloomington
B-SAGE Elizabeth Sage Historic Costume Collection Bloomington
B-TAI Traditional Arts Indiana Bloomington
B-THTR Department of Theatre and Drama Bloomington
B-UNDRWATR Center for Underwater Science Bloomington
B-WELLS Herman B Wells Library Bloomington
B-WEST West European Studies Film Library Bloomington
B-WYLIE Wylie House Museum Bloomington
EA-ARCHIVES Archives East
EA-ATHL Athletics East
I-ARCHIVES University Libraries. Special Collections and Archives Indianapolis (IUPUI)
I-DENT School of Dentistry Indianapolis (IUPUI)
I-MEDLIB Ruth Lilly Medical Library Indianapolis (IUPUI)
I-RAYBRAD Center for Ray Bradbury Studies Indianapolis (IUPUI)
KO-ARCHIVES Archives Kokomo
NW-ARCHIVES Calumet Regional Archives Northwest
SB-ARCHIVES Archives South Bend
SB-PHYS Physics Department South Bend
SB-ULIB Franklin D. Schurz Library South Bend
SE-ARCHIVES Archives Southeast