October 21

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Media Digitization and Preservation Initiative

Indiana University's comprehensive work to preserve historical and cultural time-based media for the research, education, and enrichment of future generations

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IU's libraries and archives hold more than 100 years of unique and rare time-based media.

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MDPI is one of the largest undertakings of its kind, but it needs your support.

Approximately 80 units across IU Bloomington contributed more than 250,000 audio and video recordings for preservation. These pieces do more than document texts, oral histories, and performance styles dating back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Many stand as the official record of tradition for cultures long lost to history.

With your help, IU can work to ensure both their survival and availability for future study, research, and enrichment.

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Media totals by format

Graph of archive totals by type
  • Commercial LP disc — 118,073
  • VHS — 53,909
  • CD — 51,030
  • Commercial 78 rpm disc — 39,613
  • Other* — 35,110
  • Audio cassette tape — 26,300
  • DVD — 25,700
  • Betacam SP — 23,084
  • CD-R — 10,730
  • U-matic — 9,310
  • Lacquer disc — 7,603
* Combined total of media types equaling less than 7,000