The path to a new era

In 2009, IU’s yearly survey of preserved media revealed that many of its media collections were at risk of deterioration, obsolescence, or both. Since then, the university has developed and implemented a comprehensive plan for the digitization and continued preservation of recordings.

  • 2009
    Findings in the Indiana University Media Preservation Survey Report (2009) kickstarted a new era of preservation and access for media holdings that will ensure easier integration into campus research and instruction.
  • 2010
    Former IU Provost Karen Hanson charges the Media Preservation Initiative Task Force with:
    • Developing plans for a campus media preservation center
    • Establishing strategies for preservation prioritization
    • Exploring media access issues and analyzing IU's technology
    • Investigating how the results of preservation work would engage existing campus research and instruction
  • 2011
  • 2012
    Fall: IU releases RFI; five companies respond
  • 2013
    February: IU issues RFP to three companies
    May: IU's RFP review team selects Memnon; proposes selection to Provost Lauren Robel
    June: Provost Robel presents proposal/funding request to President McRobbie
    July: President approves proposal and $15M funding
    October: IU signs contract with Memnon; President announces MDPI in State of the University address
  • 2014
    November: Development and implementation of workflow tools for pre-digitization process
    December: IU and Memnon partner to launch large-scale digitization operation in the IU Bloomington Tech Park
  • 2015
    April: Renovation of the MDPI facility in IU's Innovation Center complete
    May: Begin test and small-scale digitization
    June: Begin ramp up to full-scale digitization
    July: Sony acquires Memnon