With so much to digitize, the monumental task of MDPI was separated between two teams. Memnon, with its industrial-scale digitization process, can fly through up to 600 recordings in a day at peak performance. By contrast, IU Media Digitization Studios works solely with the problematic pieces, those that are delicate and labor intensive, to carefully capture and preserve as much as possible. 


Memnon employs “industrial-scale” digitization workflows that have the following characteristics:

  • High throughput
  • Parallel transfers
  • Comprehensive workflow management
  • Robust quality assurance and quality control
  • Professional equipment, spare parts, and maintenance
  • Robust IT infrastructure

Digitization is carefully monitored by human operators and automated analysis tools.

IU Media Digitization Studios

The IU facility digitizes one fragile or problematic recording at a time, with one engineer working with it until it's done. Digitization is managed so as to enable higher productivity by exploiting bottlenecks in the system.

Audio digitization takes place in two preservation studios designed to allow audio engineers to accurately hear the sound coming off of the playback machine without interference from the room.

Digitization stages

  • recording
    Ingest and transfer
  • return recording
    Return recordings
  • recording