Latest thoughts from inside MDPI

Insights on the initiative from the MDPI team.

Present Accomplishments and Future Goals of the IU Media Digitization and Preservation Initiative

The MDPI is Indiana University’s response to the crisis of media degradation and format obsolescence that threatens its significant collections of sound and audio-visual recordings. Based on the number of recordings digitized to date – over 50,000 pieces of media digitized out of a projected 300,000 in the first phase digital preservation – it would appear that the partnership between IU and Sony/Memnon Archiving Services is meeting that challenge.

Preserving our history

IU has an unusually rich collection of unique and rare time-based media that document subjects of enduring value to the university, state of Indiana, and the world. We are at risk of losing them.

Digitization and the Preservation of Knowledge

Digitization and preservation initiatives were highlighted in Indiana University President Michael A. McRobbie’s State of the University address, delivered Tuesday, October 1, 2013.

What MDPI looks like, from the inside out

Nearly 100,000 aging and precious recordings have been rescued from ruin by the Media Digitization and Preservation Initiative (MDPI) since it began last summer.

Reintroducing our MDPI Blog

After a long hiatus, we are reinvigorating the MDPI Blog to curate content and updates about the project as it evolves.