Organizational structure

Organizational structure

President Michael A. McRobbie and IU Bloomington Provost Lauren Robel commissioned the initiative's co-chairs and executive director to undertake the task of digitizing treasures that preserve cultural, social, and historical traditions from many parts of the world; document the history and traditions of Indiana University and the state of Indiana; and record creative performances from artists at IU and beyond.

Operational structure

Media Digitization

IU Audio/Video Operations:
Mike Casey, Director of Technical Operations
Patrick Feaster, Media Preservation Specialist
Dan Figurelli, Audio Preservation Engineer
Rob Mobley, Video Preservation Engineer
Adam Nickel, Processing and Quality Control Specialist
Jonathan Richardson, AV Specialist
David Adamson, Audio Preservation Engineer/QC Specialist
Ilze Akerbergs, Audio Preservation Engineer

Strategic Media Access and Resource Team (SMARTeam):
Sherri Michaels, Director of MDPI Library Operations
Sam Springman, MDPI Unit Manager

IU Film Operations:
Carmel Curtis, Film Digitization Specialist
Darrell Myers, Post-Production and Quality Control Manager
Charlie Allen, Quality Control Specialist
Forrest Greenwood, Quality Control Specialist
Joshua Brewer, Quality Control Specialist

IU Libraries Moving Image Archive:
Rachael Stoeltje, Director
Andy Uhrich, Film Archivist
Carmel Curtis, Film Digitization Specialist
Amber Bertin, Assistant Film Archivist
Tim Wagner, Assistant Film Archivist
Alicia Hickman, Film Prep and Returns Manager
Rachel Behnke, Cataloger
Corinne Anderson, Cataloger

IU Libraries Other Personnel:
Naz Pantaloni, Head, Associate Librarian, Copywright Program
Julie Hardesty, Metadata Analyst, Assistant Librarian, Library Technologies, Digital Collections Services
Jon Cameron, Digital Media Service Manager, Digital Collections Services, Library Technologies
Maria Whitaker, Head, Digital Media Software Development, Library Technologies

MDPI Cabinet

Dennis Cromwell, Executive Director
Sherri Michaels, Head of Collection Management and Assistant Director of MDPI Library Operations
Jon Dunn, Assistant Dean for Library Technologies
Brian McGough, Enterprise Architect/Software Architect
Mike Casey, Director of Technical Operations
Rachael Stoeltje, Director, IU Libraries Moving Image Archive

IT Team

Brian McGough, Enterprise Architect/Software Architect
Charles McClary and team, Storage engineers
Brian Wheeler, Senior Systems Engineer
Jon Dunn, Assistant Dean for Library Technologies
Andrew Albrecht, Lead Systems Analyst/programmer

Memnon Archiving Services, Inc. – A Sony Company

Baku Morikuni, Co-Chief Executive Officer
Michel Merten, Co-Chief Executive Officer
Andrew Dapuzzo, Director Of US Operations
Jean De Gyns, IT
Brett Scheuermann, Film Subject Matter Expert
John Macdonald, Operations Manager
Ken Falls, Maintenance Engineer
Ari Swartz, QC and Studio Supervisor
Auston Germany, QC and Studio Supervisor

Other Key Partners

AVP - AVP has been a chief consultant to Indiana University since MDPI was in its planning stages, developing open-source software applications for us called MediaSCORE and MediaRIVERS to aid in the surveying and prioritization of our large-scale collections. AVP has also developed a strategy for a high-throughput description of the audiovisual materials we are digitizing to improve discoverability and access. 
Joanneum Research - JOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft mbH created VidiCert, an industry leader in video and moving image baseband quality control. MDPI uses a customized version of VidiCert to ensure the quality of the film digitization process.